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Preparing for Your Order/Viewing Appointment

This section focuses on planning for your ordering appointment - a delightful time spent planning the interior decor. A few weeks after your portrait session, we will schedule an order/view appointment and meet together, and carefully help you select your favorite portraits you can live without!


Opportunity to Order Portraits

Your Order and view appointment will be your opportunity to view your portraits, select your favorites, and purchase the portraits you can't live without - anything from prints to beautiful wall art. Depending on what products you choose, our goal will be to have the final products delivered within two to three weeks.


Clients should be prepared to place their orders at the end of the ordering appointment. Just in case relatives would like to order additional portraits, we can do a virtual meeting. I can't express just how much I love seeing your reactions to viewing your portraits for the first time!

Presenting your gallery proofs to you in person allows us to help you make informed decisions about the portraits you can't live without and the ones that you'd rather have hanging in your home! Our clients have repeatedly said how helpful in-person view sessions can be, making decisions that would be impossible to do without the guidance of a professional visual artist.

How long is the View/Order (Reveal) Appointment?

The appointment usually lasts approximately one hour. We will match any space that's most comfortable for you. I'm happy to work with your schedule to make our time together convenient and relaxing.


Order/view appointment generally takes between 30 minutes to an hour but have known to be shorter if clients know exactly what they want going in. However, each session is allocated up to 2 hours.

At the end of the Order/View Appointment, we'll review notes together and make decisions on which wall art images to order, which products, and choose gift prints for family members and friends.


Take Note

If your order/ view appointment takes place in a coffee shop, take a few minutes to walk around your home and consider where you would like to have updated portraits ( you can even take pictures of where you'd like to hang your wall art and email it to the studio). This will help to determine what sizes may be needed.

Also, make sure to make a quick note if you will need custom announcement cards. Please bring with you all of the information that you want on your card. I can create custom cards for your family, baby, graduation, holidays, or anything else you may desire. If you can have this prior to your session please email me and I will have a card prepared for you to view at your session.


There are so many timeless and beautiful luxury products, many clients purchase between $2,000 - $5,000 worth of portrait products. Many Spend more and some spend less. It's totally up to you to determine, which portraits you simply can not live without.

Prepare Your Gift List

Having a "gift list" set out ahead of time for family members will make the ordering session quick and smooth! Write down a gift list, such as the family members and anyone else you'd like to gift a portrait or product to.

If you are not sure about a certain person or have questions about gifting etiquette write down your thoughts and we can make decisions during the session.


Gifts for others:

Accordion albums for Grandma, Alex, and Grandpa

5 x 7 for Uncle James

8 x 10 Parents

5 x 7 for my significant other

Be Prepared

Payment for your order may be made anytime during the order/view appointment. Please be prepared with either a visa, MasterCard, AMEX card, cash, or personal check made out to Tania Ray Photography. It's a good idea to have a payment method set out ahead of time so we can focus on your beautiful portraits during the ordering session! Payment plans are available.

Tips for Order and View

Here are a couple of tips to help make the order and viewing process smoother.

  • Plan ahead for timing, so that we are not rushed. Plan at least two hours - I plan on getting you out sooner than that, but it is to make sure we are not feeling rushed during the session. I know that your time is valuable. 

  • Please make sure that all decision-makers are present.

  • If you want any frames in your home, what are their dimensions and will they be vertical or horizontal? 

  • Take a picture of your wall from your home or office where you are considering placing artwork so that we can prepare and place your potential framed portrait or canvas on the wall to see how it would look in your home. 

** Note: Please include the entire wall from floor to ceiling to get an accurate size of the wall and frame size. **

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