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Frequently Asked Questions

This section is dedicated to frequently asked questions that I get often. 

Do you shoot weddings?

No, I do not photograph weddings. I am not a wedding photographer.


How soon will I receive my images?

I will deliver your images as soon as possible. It typically can take 2 weeks.


Do you offer Boudoir?

As of April 2022, I am now a boudoir photographer, so yes, I do offer boudoir.


Do you offer a regular general photoshoot ?

Yes, I usually generalize it under portraits. 


Do you offer Raw Files?

As outlined in the portrait agreement, I do not release RAW files to clients. What you will receive are the jpeg files, along with your printing release, which gives you the full ability to print the images to your heart’s content. As a reminder, the release and contract prohibit anyone from editing or selling the images.


Let's Work Together

If you have any more questions that are not listed on the FAQ, feel free to reach out to me via telephone or email.

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