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General Studies Capstone | Ethical and Responsible Behaviors

For this project, I had to provide projects that demonstrate my mastery of ethical and responsible behaviors. The projects I have included on this page demonstrate the following: Values, Responsibilities, Morals, etc. In some situations, we have to determine if a situation is an absolute or approximate dilemma; distinguish between personal and professional dimensions; and identify the ethical, moral, legal, and values considerations in the situation.

Interpersonal Communications | Spring 2020

These are my informative papers. In these essays, I had to write about the topics I chose and include what I learned in my study and how it related to the teaching.

Essay 1

Essay 2

Essay 3

Student Leadership Academy | Fall 2020

This is my Student Leadership Academy Final writing piece. This program was a 6-week course in a span of 3 months. it taught me what it takes to be a leader and where I was at on that scale. I had to write a final paper about everything I had learned in this academy. 

Essay 1

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